The VBC is a carefully designed set of structured lesson plans readily available for parents, clinicians, educators supporting children with varying diagnosis. It is a comprehensive educational tool designed with the individual in mind. The VBC allows children to grow step by step by step as a result of a comprehensive framework for formative and summative evaluation. It offers a “rigorous” curriculum focused on academics, social, emotional and behavioral development. In a global world of 21st century learners the VBC will continue to have far reaching impact worldwide.
— Karen J. Cihlar BCBA, NJ Educator

Who uses the verbal behavior curriculum VBC™?

Speech & language pathologists, school districts, private schools for children with autism and related disorders, certified behavior analysts and special education instructors; anyone who works with anyone with language challenges benefits from this proven curriculum.


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It is our mission to provide services that are empirically based and continuously validated for efficacy and efficiency to remediate language and social skills. These services must ultimately advance the individual's independence, freedom of choice, intellectual and social skills.